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Pamela Hanson - Smoker, Paris, 1993

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Presenting the Allison Argent Style Guide! Featuring a comprehensive guide on how to get Allison’s style and a full, shop-able Pinterest board to make things easy. 


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Dining Room Ceiling, Biltmore Mansion, Asheville, North Carolina by Ron Gunzburger on Flickr.

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Evening Dress


Fall 1959


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Hair stylist: “How do you know how to do pin curls?!”
Me: “Youtube.”

I also had to show a selfie to explain how I usually style my hair but when I opened my phone gallery a massive self portrait of me for my blog came up and they saw so I looked like the weirdest, vainest person ever and hairdressers make me anxious enough in the first place so that was fun!!

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People saying “how does the ice bucket challenge even raise money” fundamentally misunderstand marketing, sales, advertising, and the power of celebrity, trust, etc. The ALS Association has reported they’ve received $21 million more than their last period since the Ice Bucket Challenge launched. They raised $1.9 million in their last period. 

If you constantly barrage people with an insistence that they donate to a charity because you think it’s a good cause, they are very likely to ignore it. However, when you launch a fun initiative that makes people smile and laugh at its forefront, and an initiative that involves recognised & trusted public figures with influence, you instead create an environment where people feel they can decide for themselves. People are much more receptive to ideas if they think they have thought of it themselves, even if in reality they have been led to their own conclusion. "That’s a really fun challenge, it was funny seeing my favourite celebrity being dunked in water and supporting a good cause, maybe I should support it!" is a lot more effective than a celebrity tweeting over & over "This is a great charity and you should donate!"

Call to action (ie. just asking for donations) can be effective but it’s most effective when you’ve already had a campaign or action that has made the viewer/customer/etc. decide what they’re going to do prior to being exposed to the call to action. Most of the time people will decide to donate during the video, and then will read or hear the call to action “please donate” and it will simply spur them on in their decision. It’s like a political campaign. You can’t just go about asking for votes, you’ll likely get nowhere. You have to market the candidate in a way that will set the voter in a decision prior to being asked to vote for the candidate.

It’s a classic marketing technique and I’m not sure why people who don’t know a thing about marketing are formulating strong opinions on it. I really recommend learning the fundamentals of marketing, I don’t know anyone who it wouldn’t benefit, whether professionally or personally. I’m far from being an expert myself, but I am fairly confident I have my facts and theories right. 

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Wallpaper by de Gournay 

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A suffragette stand at the Women’s Exhibition of 1909, in a photograph taken by Christina Broom, the first British female press photographer.

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