Long weekend plans: Paint bedroom, bake a bunny-shaped cake, eat more chocolate than is healthy, go to the cinema with my pals ♛

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Atonement (2009) dir. Joe Wright

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they were inseparable (x) (x)

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harry potter    marauder era    sigh   

It is never the one you haven’t met, only the one you can’t forget.

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Silk embroidery - 12th-14th century - Eastern Central Asia

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York -1988

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Nichole Robertson

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Zelda and Scottie Fitzgerald - 1933

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i’m behind on my b12 injections and i can’t take iron tablets anymore because they give me terrible indigestion omg i feel your pain. i can’t remember what it’s like to not be exhausted.

I always forget about my B12 injections and wonder why I can hardly move for a week before I remember. But oh, I’ve been tired for so long now I look back at how I managed to go to school everyday and then go out on weekends and walk around at the shops for hours, stay up all night at sleepovers… I can’t even believe that was once possible for me to do! I go out one day a week now and am incapable of going out again for at least several days. What even is energy, I have no concept of it anymore!!!!!

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